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journey into hope

A Cause We Believe In

Journey Into Hope, Inc.  is an independent, private, charitable foundation dedicated to improving the health and living conditions of desperately poor people in Latin America and the Caribbean. In whatever way we can, and using whatever means most appropriate to each situation, we strive simply to improve the health and general well-being of people suffering from sickness, hunger, and inadequate (or no) housing caused by extreme poverty. 

By far, the very poorest of the poor in the Dominican Republic are the Haitian refugees; the most obvious needs of many of these families are a dry place to live and food to eat. Presently, hundreds of Haitians are living in the dirt and mud in the flood plain of the Sabaneta River. Seasonal rains bring as much as four feet of raging water into the tin and cardboard shacks of these people, and they are forced to evacuate several times a year.

 With adequate housing on dry land, we can dramatically improve not only the living conditions of these folks, but also their overall standard of health. All the best medicines in the world will not keep people healthy if they are malnourished, living in the mud. and drinking and cooking with contaminated river water.

For more information please visit their website www.journeyintohope.org